When is the Bikekitchen open?

Our workshop is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 18:00 and 20:00 and on Saturdays between 15:00 and 17:00.

Are you open today, even though it is a holiday?

Yes, we are usually open, even on new years and Christmas. The bike kitchen is our family. However, no volunteer or kitchen master find their way to the kitchen. It happens about once every year.

Where can I find the Bike kitchen?

You can find Cykelköket at Omställningsverkstan (the Transition Workshop) in the Linnéstaden district. Our address is Vegagatan 1, 413 11 Gothenburg. The entrance to Omställningsverkstan is just next to the bus stop called “Oskar Fredriks Kyrka”.

Can I buy bikes from you?

No, but you get one bike for free that is in need of some fixing if you become a member. You need to fix the bike that you get by yourself, either in our workshop or somewhere else. At Cykelköket our volunteers will help and teach you how to fix your own bike!

How can I become a member?

You can become a member during our opening hours by filling out a form at our computer and paying 50 or 100 SEK (50 SEK for unemployed & students and 100 SEK if you have a job). The membership is annual and runs from 1st of January to 31st of December.

What does a membership entail? / What does it mean to be a member?

You get to pick a bike from our bike storage. The bike becomes yours and you won’t have to pay next years membership fee to keep it. If you do want to pay for a membership in the next year too, you’ll get the option to pick one more bike from the storage. In addition to the bike you also get a sticker with Cykelkökets logo and the possibility to vote at the yearly meeting which usually takes place around March or April.

Are there any easily fixed bikes / How long does it take to fix a bike?

All bikes that we get are in need of different amounts of work and we want to encourage you to pick the bike you like the best and not the one that needs the least amount of fixing. No bike is too hard to fix. The time you will spend learning how everything works will make you appreciate your bike even more. It will also help you to keep your bike in a good condition in the future.

How long it will take to fix a bike is therefore hard to answer. Better don’t expect to finish everything on the first evening. Feel free to buy a bike lock before you come to the Bikekitchen so that you can lock your bike until next time.

Do you have spare parts? Or should I buy the parts I need for my bike?

Yes we have spare parts at the kitchen, both used and new. You can just take any used spare part from the kitchen for free. If you would instead buy a new part, we sell some items. What we normally have to buy new are: chains (40-60SEK), tubes (20SEK), wires (10SEK), led lights (40-60SEK), vents (10SEK) and locks (60-80SEK). Please note that we do not always have everything in stock and that the prices might vary slightly depending on how much we bought them for. However, the price range are normally around what is posted here.

If you prefer, you can buy spare parts beforehand and bring them to the kitchen to put them on your bike. This is preferable if you want very specific parts or uncommon sizes.

We have old bikes we would like to get rid of. Would you like to have them?

Yes, we love to have used bikes. Please check our Donate a bike page for more information.

You guys are awesome! How can I become a volunteer?

Just come to the kitchen during our open hours. For more information please check out our Become a volunteer page.

I want to paint my bike. Do you have spray? Can I spray at the kitchen?

Unfortunately no. It is usually very busy at the kitchen when it is open, so there is not enough space nor proper ventilation to be able to paint. The outdoor area here is also a pretty transited sidewalk, so we recommend finding another outdoor place if the weather is nice.