Donate a bike

Hi! Do you want to donate bikes, bikeparts or tools?

Do you want to donate something useful to our workshop? Have you cleared out old bikes and don’t know what to do with them? We gladly take useful material! Just come by under our opening hours and talk to one of our volunteers. We can come by and pick up bike donations if it are five or more bikes. Smaller amounts should be brought to our workshop. Contact us if you want to donate larger amounts.

If you want to donate old bikes and have the possibility to take them to us, we can take them almost any time. Just mail us so we know what bikes it refers to and let us know when you are going to pass by so we can coordinate.

If you would instead prefer that we pick up the bikes, we need to know:

  • How many bikes is this about?
  • Where are the bikes located?
  • Who is the contact person we can coordinate the pick up with? (+contact number)

When we do a bike pick-up, it normally happens this way:

  • We put the information about the bike pick-up in a list, and we do a pick up when some of our volunteers has time and we need more bikes.
  • This means it might take some time (weeks, months) before we call you to coordinate a pick-up. Therefore, we cannot give you exact dates before this.
  • We pick up the bikes using a bike wagon, so we can take a maximum of 8-12 bikes, per time we collect.

Thanks for your help!